Embraco Wisemotion

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Ideal for household appliances, Embraco Wisemotion combines the concept of variable displacement with oil-free solution. It results in a huge potential for this technology, from superior energy efficiency levels to innovative ways to assemble the compressor and design the appliance.


Oil free: potential to assemble the compressor in different positions and to design new modular cabinets. 

Smaller size: the way the mechanism was developed enabled a smaller height, providing more internal cabinet space. 

Energy saving: it was born as a top efficiency compressor with potential to evolve even more. 

Freshness and food preservation: it is able to run on a wider range of capacity modulation, delivering less temperature variation. 

Lower noise: Wisemotion maintains a steady running pace and keeps noise levels low in all capacity range.

Wisemotion is a compressor based on linear movement and without oil. Different from the conventional and Fullmotion compressors, the new motor drives the piston directly. With this new breakthrough mechanism, friction was reduced and lubrication oil is not necessary anymore.

Available for R134a and R600a

Available in the voltages 115V and 220V

Available in frequencies of 50Hz and 60Hz

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