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ECO CIRCLE(TM) FIBERS is a recycled polyester fiber made of used polyester products by chemical recycling. We recommend this for environmentally-friendly products such as ones requiring green procurement. These are polyester fibers recycled from other used polyester products using the innovative recycling technology. TEIJIN has made a breakthrough in its material recycling system which makes it possible to separate and eliminate additives and colorants not only from PET bottles but also from other polyester products and also purifies the material to an extent whereby the quality is equivalent to that of polyester freshly produced from petroleum. As a result products that have the same quality functionality and feel of those produced from virgin polyester are now manufactured using recycled polyester fibers.

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Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry, Japan.


1. Uses a closed-loop recycling system. 2. Stability qualities equivalent to that of virgin fiber. 3. Low environmental impact (In case polyester products are collected and recycled in Japan.) i. Approx. 80 percent reduction in energy consumption ii. Approx. 80 percent reduction in CO2 emission. 4. 100 percent recycling facilitates compliance with the Green Purchasing Law and achievement of the Eco Mark certification criteria in Japan. (CO2 generated as a result of waste polyester incineration is accounted for. Source:Textile products 3R Promotion Council of the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry.)

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