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    Membrane which permeates solvent (water) but does not permeate solute (salt). In desalination, pressure up to 10MPa is applied to seawater which enables water to pass through the revere osmosis membrane, while the salt is excluded.

    Currently, two types of material are used: bridged aromatic polyamides, and cellulose acetate. Membranes must withstand high pressure and also be resistant to fouling.

  • Water harvesting campaign to enhance rain water harvesting and reduce runoff into the river. Contaminated rain water is stored in flexible tanks of various sizes to conserve it sieve it and purify it for use. Water pans accumulate the water and then is directed to the tanks for storage and treatments.

  • Technology

    Since ECO CIRCLE(TM) Plantfiber is created from a bio-based material that has replaced some of the structural components of PET resin it contributes to curbing fossil fuel use and CO2 emissions. What is ECO CIRCLE(TM) Plantfiber is 1. ECO CIRCLE(TM) Plantfiber is a material created from bio-based (sugarcane) which has replaced some structural components of PET resin. 2. Since the materials are partly plant-derived they can help curb consumption of fossil fuel resources. 3. It helps reduce greenhouse gases.

  • Technology

    Research team from the established Slovak University of Technology developed an innovative additive for improving cetane number of diesel and biodiesel fuels. Improvement of cetane number has significant effect on the reduction of ignition delay of fuel engines. The additive is based on bio-components making it possible to increase the quality of fuel fully ecologically. Cetane number is a significant factor in the quality of the diesel fuels and has direct effect on reducing the fuel ignition delay after the injection into the combustion chamber.

  • The magnetic fields due to magnets are cut by the blades and causes an induced voltage as it pumps water to storage tank. It is an integrated technology for water and electric energy generation using integrated water and magnets for both pumping and electric generation.

  • The invention refers to a mechanical type model that for use in capturing polluting emissions such as dust gases vapors or smoke obviously to prevent atmospheric pollution produced by said industrial wastes contributing in that the population avoids the respiratory diseases that this entails and in turn allows obtaining byproducts of the separated materials for use in various products and processes.

  • Technology

    A waste plastic disposal apparatus including a storage portion for storing waste plastic a heating portion for heating the waste plastic which includes a heater and a fan a hot-air circulating path for circulating hot air there through which is defined by the storage portion and the heating portion an exhaust path which branches off from the hot-air circulating path and a deodorizing portion which is provided in the exhaust path in response to intake of a predetermined quantity of external air into the hot-air circulating path per unit time the hot air in the hot-air circulating path is exh

  • Disassembling apparatus pulsator type automatic washing machine. Apparatus which can be sucked out safely and efficiently was housed in the balancer of a washing machine a high specific gravity liquid (saline solution).