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Cutting Edge Sustainable Building

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The municipality of Örnsköldsvik has a long given priority to sustainable and energy efficient building. The expertise regarding energy efficiency and alternative energy sources are great and we have benefited from the expertise available internally in the municipality and held by planners, designers and installers when new building erected. In Ornskoldsvik, we have recently built schools, nursing homes, swimming pools and office buildings. All along, the minimization of energy has been an important issue.
If you are interested visit us and take part of our field trips.

We offer field trips to:

Schools: Bjästa and Själevad,
Retirement: Själevad,
Swimming pools: Köpmanholmen,
Bredbyn and Husum and “Kronan”, the municipality's City Hall, where we among others have live filters in the ventilation system and where we work “activity based”.

Information about thoughts, planning and detailed technical information about the buildings you get in the town hall “Kronan”.

Location: Ornskoldsvik
Address: Järnvägsgatan 6
Season: All year
Time: 1-3 hours
Amount: Maximum 20 per visit
Language: Swedish / English

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Cleaner Growth
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Järnvägsgatan 6 891 31 Örnsköldsvik

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