Building management: Coating for ultraviolet and infrared ray shielding


FUMIN COATING: The Ultimate UV and Infrared Rays Protector

FUMIN COATING manufactured by FUMIN Co., Ltd. is a patented agent that protects glass surfaces from ultraviolet rays and infrared rays. With a commercially available spray gun, the agent can be applied to form a thin transparent metal oxide layer evenly on a glass surface. FUMIN COATING is long-lasting and blocks 90% of ultraviolet rays and 70% of infrared rays to protect your skin and prevent your interior from sun damage without compromising visibility.



Major Features and Advantages

I. Various Use

FUMIN COATING can be applied to any types of glass, including wire glass, curved glass, large glass, and frosted glass and polycarbonate, which cannot be film-coated. The agent is a perfect solution for car windows that are made of both glass and polycarbonate. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

II. Visibility

Great visibility can be achieved with FUMIN COATING. It forms a layer of 1.5 microns thick. With conventional coating agents that are applied with a sponge, brush, or roller, visibility is compromised because they form a layer of 7 to 10 microns thick and the layer may not be evenly formed. The visible light transmission of FUMIN COATING is about 85% so that appearance and interior brightness are not likely to be affected.

III. Bug Repellent

FUMIN COATING works as a bug repellent. It keeps glass surfaces from insects with compound eyes such as moths, horse-flies, bees, and stink bugs. These insects tend to fly towards ultraviolet rays that are given off by fluorescent lamps near glass. FUMIN COATING blocks UV-rays to keep these bugs away.

IV. Save Heating Energy

A glass coated with FUMIN COATING absorbs heat (far infrared ray). If FUMIN COATING is applied on a car windshield and windows, heat is kept inside the car. A 2℃ drop in temperature is considered to save 20% of energy. The agent helps saving energy and is good for the environment.

V. Long-lasting Protection

FUMIN COATING remains effective for ten years. Unlike other similar products, frequent re-coating is not required. FUMIN COATING resists heat crack as it expands in the same ratio as glasses. It also resists scratches by providing hardness to a glass surface.

VI. Prevent Formation of Water Droplets

If outside temperature is 15 degrees cooler than inside, a coated glass may look foggy. However, water droplets would not be seen on a glass coated with FUMIN COATING. FUMIN COATING works as an antimicrobial agent by preventing condensation, which promotes bacterial growth.

FUMIN Co., Ltd. has successfully invented the spray coating agent to form an ultra-thin transparent layer with many advantages. FUMIN COATING is patented both in Japan and other countries.


Technology Data

Conceivable applications

The Ultimate Solar Control Coating Technology is named FUMIN COATING. A coating fluid comprising of an ultraviolet-screening agent and an infrared-screening agent is applied onto a glass surface with a spray gun.

The FUMIN coating is a patented technology that forms an even clear film of conductive metal oxide on a glass surface by a spray gun.

Save heating energy: In cold winter, the area near a window is felt cool due to cool radiation even when the room is heated. A glass coated with FUMIN absorbs the heat (far infrared ray) inside the room and thus solves the cool radiation problem.

Prevent incoming insects: Insects with compounded eyes such as moths, horseflies, bees, and stink bugs have a habit of flying toward ultraviolet ray radiated from a fluorescent lamp. By shutting off the ultraviolet ray, the coating can prevent those insects from approaching near the glass.

Easy application: The FUMIN coating can be applied to any types of glasses that cannot be coated with a film, such as wire glass, curved glass, large glass, and frosted glass, whether it is outdoor or indoor.


Competitive advantage

Extremely clear visibility after applying FUMIN COATINGTM is because it is forming ultra thin transparent film of 1.5 microns thickness. It is possible to apply on big size, curved or bumpy surface glasses and polycarbonate etc. It is patented ultimate spray coating technology and a perfect solution for car window both with glass and polycarbonate.

Although similar coating applications are available with sponge, brush or roller, forming flabby or blurred film of approx. 7–10 microns thickness by such methods, the visibility through glass is obviously degraded to poor. These are impossible to apply on big size, curved or bumpy surface glasses.

It has been believed that only vacuum deposition method makes possible to form a transparent thin-film as normal spray coating is for painting colors and not possible to have a transparent finish with such equipment. We successfully invented the method of forming ultra thin transparent film with a commercially available spray gun, and then the Patent has been granted in Japan following by various countries.



– Shut off about 90% of ultraviolet ray: The coating shuts off 90% of ultraviolet ray, protecting your skin. In addition, it prevents the interior from discoloring and deterioration due to sunlight.

– Achieve a visible light transmission of about 85%: Because it is superior in visible light transmission, the exterior appearance and interior brightness are not affected almost at all.

– Shut off infrared ray by about 70%: The coating shuts off heat radiating infrared ray by about 70% and thus contributes to energy saving and CO2 emission reduction in offices and houses.

– Remain effective for about 10 years: The FUMIN coating is resistant to heat crack because of the same expansion ratio as glasses. It is also resistant to scratches because of the superior hardness. Consequently, it remains effective for about 10 years. It is not necessary to rework the coating frequently as with a film type product.

– Do not worry about dew condensation: When the room temperature is 15°C and the outside temperature is 0°C, the coated glass is fogged, but no dew drop drips. Dew condensation water may cause bacteria to propagate. By restricting the dew condensation, the coating also provides antimicrobial performance.


Property of Spectral Transmittance / Spectral Reflectance (wave length range: 300nm – 2500nm)





*Note: Numbers are expediently put on every piece of three test samples submitted (n=3) in order to take two pieces (n=2) i.e. one showing the highest percentage and the other showing the lowest percentage as different results have been expected from three test samples. The transmittance and the reflectance measurement before and after Accelerated Weathering Test were done on the two samples (n=2).


Technical maturity / Past record of introduction

Number of construction5,000

Track record years10 years

Fumin coating was selected for The National Art Center, Tokyo by recommendation from world famous Japanese architects to provide comfort to visitors and art lovers. We completed this project of 4,700 square meters glasses within two weeks. In the section of schematic illustration, a picture of the National Art Center is shown.

In cases in Singapore, it was verified that this technology reduced the temperature within an elevator by 2 degree Celsius. A reduction of heat by 2 degree Celsius is said to be an energy saving of 20%. If we coated the window panes of buildings in the areas of the world where sunlight is intense by employing people for the work as a job-creation measure, an approximately 20% energy saving would be attained semipermanently.


Past Record Overseas (2007-2014)

Date Country Square Meter
1-Jun-07 Singapore 20
1-Jun-07 Singapore 6
8-Jun-07 Singapore 81
1-Jul-08 Singapore 6
24-Oct-08 Singapore 20
5-Nov-08 Singapore 10
1-Dec-08 Singapore 10
1-Mar-09 Singapore 50
1-Jul-09 Singapore 10
1-Aug-09 Singapore 105
1-Oct-09 Singapore 20
1-Dec-09 Singapore 8
10-Dec-09 Singapore 4
1-Feb-10 Singapore 36
1-Jul-10 Singapore 6
1-Oct-10 Singapore 70
1-Mar-11 Singapore 3
1-Mar-11 Singapore 27
1-Apr-11 Singapore 6
25-Jul-11 Malaysia 100
1-Oct-11 Singapore 45
1-Oct-11 Singapore 15
10-Dec-11 Singapore 200
1-Nov-12 Singapore 15
15-Jan-13 Singapore 6
1-Mar-13 Singapore 1,500
1-Mar-13 Singapore 100
9-Jul-14 Qatar 250


Conceivable risk

Nothing, especially since I am constructing supposing all environments.


Information on patent related to this technology

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