New CTCN/UNIDO Call for Proposals: Assessment of the status of the circular economy in Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Uruguay


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The Climate Technology Centre is seeking proposals for implementation of technical assistance in Chile, Brazil, Mexico and Uruguay:

Assessment of the current status of the circular economy for developing a roadmap for each requesting country Deadline is the 8th of May, 17:00 Vienna time.

Circular economy is an economical and industrial model, regenerative by design, which aims at recovering and re-using the materials that have already been processed, thus protecting natural resources from over exploitation. This is an issue that is particularly sensitive in Latin America. The objective is to keep scarce, valuable resources in circulation for longer periods of time, promoting recycling and avoiding loss of materials. Achieving these objectives requires the inclusion of processes such as reuse, re-design, reutilisation, recycling, remanufacturing and disruptive business models like product-as-service and extended life-cycle. To mitigate this challenge the Governments of Chile, Brazil, Mexico and Uruguay approached the CTCN for a technical assistance.

The analysis leading to the final roadmap shall identify key players, stakeholders, private/public initiatives, geographical areas as well as opportunities and barriers. The approach has to incorporate and focus on the climate benefits originating from a circular economy model and identify the advantages that circularity would produce towards the implementation of the National Determined Contributions (NDCs)1 and the achievement of the goals of the Paris Agreement.

The work is organized in the following main outputs:

• Development of implementation planning and communication documents

• Diagnosis of the key stakeholders and current initiatives related to circular economy in each country

• Identification of the circular economy value and definition of benefits, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges in each country

• Review of international experiences

• Mapping of successful cases of application of industry 4.0 which benefit circular economy at international level and adoption of practices at local level taking into account technological development in these countries

• Identification of potential projects in circular economy for each participating country prioritizing specific geographical areas.

The completed offer must be submitted via the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) e-Procurement portal Please refer to documents below for complete terms of reference and bidding information.

Please note: In the event that your institution is not yet a CTCN network member,  you may bid for implementation of the technical assistance, subject to the condition that you submit your completed application for CTC Network membership before the bid closure and your application is acknowledged by the CTCN. Furthermore, the contract award – should your bid be selected – is conditional to your network membership application having been successfully approved by the Director of CTCN. Should the bidder decide to partner with another institution to deliver the services described in these Terms of Reference, it is expected that the partner institution also joins the CTC Network.


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