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Network Member Spotlight

Environmental Consulting Company S.A.S

Environmental Consulting Company SAS (ENVICCOL SAS) is  an environmental, social and economic consulting firm, created to advise public or private  organizations  within  the  framework  of sustainable development. 

ENVICCOL SAS has developed five specialized lines of action:

Câmara Consultoria em Projetos LTDS-ME

Câmara Consultoria em Projetos LTDS-ME is a private company created to serve industries.

Wigton Windfarm Limited

Wigton Windfarm Limited, a subsidiary of the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ), is the largest wind energy facility in the English-speaking Caribbean.

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

One of Australia's original tertiary institutions, RMIT University enjoys an international reputation for excellence in professional and vocational education, applied research, and engagement with the needs of industry and the community.

Pyunghwa Engineering Consultants Ltd

PEC is an engineering consultancy firm based in Korea with core strengths particularly in transportation infrastructure, water sector, climate change solutions, environmental systems and etc.

Network Members form a broad community of climate technology stakeholders, including academic, finance, non-government, private sector, public sector, and research entities, as well as over 150+ National Designated Entities (CTCN national focal points selected by their countries).

Network Membership provides access to a diverse global community of climate technology users, providers and financiers under the umbrella of the UNFCCC Technology Mechanism. Through its network, the CTCN mobilises policy and technical expertise to deliver technology solutions, capacity building and implementation advice to developing countries.

Network Activities

  • Technical services: Providing technical assistance funded by the CTCN in response to developing country requests (selection conducted through a competitive bidding process among Network members)
  • Information exchange: Sharing/receiving information (data, lessons learned, reports, case studies) at CTCN events and via the CTCN’s online knowledge platform
  • Capacity building: Presenting online and in-person tutorials and workshops on your fields of expertise to peers and developing country stakeholders

Current opportunities

Technical Assistance Bidding Opportunities

Bidding opportunity  Country Deadline Status
Request for Proposal 7000002658 - Support awareness raising and training of local producers of metal-ceramic fire places  


23 November 2017 Open for bidding
Request for Proposal 7000002655 - Technical Assistance for piloting rapid uptake of industrial energy efficiency and efficient water utilisation in selected sectors in Zimbabwe Zimbabwe 23 November 2017 Open for bidding
Request for Proposal 7000002654 - Application of environmental flows and river basin managemnet framework for the Tebicuary river basin Paraguay 23 November 2017 Open for bidding
Request for Proposal 7000002657 - Accelerating the transition to sustainable mobility and low carbon emissions in Panama City Panama 23 November 2017 Open for bidding
Request for Proposal 7000002656 - Improving Capacity for Recycling of Waste & Organic Materials Gambia 23 November 2017 Open for bidding
Request for Proposal 7000002534 - Technical assistance for saline water purification technology at household level and low-cost durable housing technology for coastal areas of Bangladesh  Bangladesh  19 September 2017 Closed
Request for Proposal 7000002437 - Technologies for the Design of a Regional Strategic Plan for the Coastal Management and Adaptation to Climate Change in the Province of Buenos Aires Argentina 27 July 2017 Closed
Request for Proposal 7000002388 -Strengthening the Climate Change Information System for Decision-Making in Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Strategies in Guatemala Guatemala 28 June 2017 Closed
Request for Proposal 7000002386 -The inflection point for the adoption of climate technologies in Chilean SMEs – Evaluating main obstacles to funding for investment in climate technologies which MSMEs are facing in the agri-food sector in Chile Chile 26 June 2017 Closed
Request for Proposal 7000002333 -Assessment of Suitable Flood Mitigation Measures (based on Dukniskhevi River Extreme Flood Analysis) in Tbilisi, Georgia Georgia 26 May 2017 Closed
Request for Proposal 7000002327 - Mainstreaming gender inclusive features in a climate resilient energy policies and practices in ECOWAS countries Multiple countries 24 May 2017 Closed
Request for Proposal 7000002248 - Feasibility study and development of an action plan for the promotion of manufacturing of components of small power wind turbines in Benin Benin 12 April 2017 Closed
Request for Proposal 7000002172 - Design and Scale-Up of Climate Resilient Waste Management and Energy Capture Technologies in Small and Medium Livestock Farms in Ecuador Ecuador 7 April 2017 Closed
Request for Proposal 7000002211 - Development of Technological Tools to Evaluate the Impacts of, and Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change in Uruguay’s Coastal Zone Uruguay 3 April 2017  Closed
Request for Proposal 7000002123 - Support for the Creation and Establishment of a Climate Change Competence Centre for Sustainable Development in Madagascar (4Climate) Madagascar 13 February 2017  Closed

Completed offers are submitted via the UNIDO e-Procurement portal

Events, forums and webinars


Network members can organise climate technology transfer related webinars through the CTCN platform or promote their webinars through the CTCN. Please contact for more details.

Join the CTCN

The CTCN actively seeks Network members from all geographic regions with an array of sector experience. The membership is costfree. Download the Network application, complete it and send to

Membership Benefits

  • Commercial opportunities: Pre-qualified access to competitive bidding for delivery of CTCN technical assistance services to developing countries
  • Connection: Network with national decision makers, thought leaders, and other Network members to expand your partnership opportunities and learn about emerging activities and areas of practice
  • Visibility: Increase your global recognition and showcase your organization’s experience and success stories. Broaden your organization's global reach by engaging in new technology projects and showcasing relevant experience, events, reports and tools

Membership criteria

  1. One of the following institutional structures: national technology centre or institution; regional climate technology centre or network; intergovernmental, international, regional or sector organization, partnership or initiative that contributes to technology deployment and transfer; or research, academic, financial, non- governmental, private sector or public sector organization, partnership or initiative. NDEs are de facto members of the CTN.
  2. Demonstrated capability in initiatives aimed at development, transfer and deployment of climate technologies applicable for developing countries including expertise in policy, capacity building and/or investment.
  3. Operational and organizational stability, as evidenced by financial, human and other resources relative to their mandate and size that could reasonably be deemed sufficient to deliver the organization’s mandate.
  4. A pledge to comply with the CTN code of Conduct

Application Process

New applications are received and reviewed on a continuous basis. Once granted, the membership will be valid for a period of two years, and those members who wish to maintain their membership must apply for renewal. Membership will normally be renewed as long as the member has been actively involved during its previous membership period and still meets the membership criteria.