Connecting countries to climate technology solutions
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Network Member Spotlight

The Tropical Scientific Center (TSC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to conservation and sustainable development for more than 57 years.

EY is one of the world’s leading professional services organizations. Through our global network of 728 offices in 150 countries comprising more than 276,000 staff, we are united by a single operating structure and a common culture of innovation and knowledge sharing.

The ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE) is an intergovernmental organisation within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations’ (ASEAN) structure that represents 10 ASEAN Member States’ (AMS) interests in the energy sector. Assuming central role in ASEAN energy sector, ACE accelerates the integration o

API is an independent non-profit think tank providing policy research and analysis in security, governance and strategic issues including environment. We help governments, civil society, regional and international organizations in creating a clean, peaceful, secure and prosperous nations.

Datamation Group has been engaged for the past several years in research, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and documentation of Natural Resources Management and also Climate Change initiatives run by the Govt. Of India, UN and other organizations.

Network Members form a broad community of climate technology stakeholders, including academic, finance, non-government, private sector, public sector, and research entities, as well as over 150+ National Designated Entities (CTCN national focal points selected by their countries).

Network Membership provides access to a diverse global community of climate technology users, providers and financiers under the umbrella of the UNFCCC Technology Mechanism. Through its network, the CTCN mobilises policy and technical expertise to deliver technology solutions, capacity building and implementation advice to developing countries.

Network Activities

  • Technical services: Providing technical assistance funded by the CTCN in response to developing country requests (selection conducted through a competitive bidding process among Network members)
  • Information exchange: Sharing/receiving information (data, lessons learned, reports, case studies) at CTCN events and via the CTCN’s online knowledge platform
  • Capacity building: Presenting online and in-person tutorials and workshops on your fields of expertise to peers and developing country stakeholders

Join the Network

The CTCN actively seeks Network members from all geographic regions with an array of sector experience. The membership is costfree. Complete the network application and send it to

You can download the network application here: 

Current opportunities

Technical Assistance Bidding Opportunities

  Bidding opportunity Country Deadline Status
  Expression of Interests (EOI)Developing a national framework for the standardization of stalls and procedures for a climate smart street side vendor Bahamas 8 July 2021 Closed
  Expression of Interests (EOI): Identification of technical practices for climate-smart agriculture (CSA) in Indonesia Indonesia 23 July 2021 Open
  Expression of Interests (EOI):Upscaling lowland rice production to improve food security through improved solar powered irrigation practices in Liberia Liberia 23 July 2021 Open
  Expression of Interests (EOI): Development of a Marine Dynamics database for the Panamanian coasts to assess vulnerability and climate change impacts to sea level rise Panama 23 July 2021 Open
  Expression of Interests (EOI): Incorporating drought risks modelling as a planning tool for climate change adaptation measures in Saint Kitts and Nevis St. Kitts and Nevis 23 July 2021 Open
  Expression of Interests (EOI): Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) and Technology Action Plan (TAP) for Chile's Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) implementation Chile 30 July 2021 Open
  Expression of Interests (EOI): Enhancing climate resilience and economic sustainability of livestock farming in a rural community in Mongolia Mongolia 30 July 2021 Open
  Expression of Interests (EOI): Technical Assistance to enhance Vanuatu's market for energy efficient appliances Vanuatu  30 July 2021 Open
  Expression of Interests (EOI): Developing a national policy for deploying and scaling up E-mobility and supporting sustainable infrastructure  Papua New Guinea 4 August 2021 Open
  Expression of Interests (EOI): Establishment of a skimming well gallery system for agricultural use in HDh.Nolhivaranfaru of Maldives Maldives 4 August 2021 Open
  Expression of Interests (EOI): Climate risk assessment for subnational adaptation and establishment of a local climate information system for climate change adaptation (LISA) in Cambodia Cambodia 13 August 2021 Open

Events, forums and webinars

Network members can organise climate technology transfer related webinars through the CTCN platform or promote their webinars through the CTCN. Please contact for more details.

Join the CTCN

The CTCN actively seeks Network members from all geographic regions with an array of sector experience. The membership is costfree. Download the Network application, complete it and send to

Membership Benefits

  • Commercial opportunities: Pre-qualified access to competitive bidding for delivery of CTCN technical assistance services to developing countries
  • Connection: Network with national decision makers, thought leaders, and other Network members to expand your partnership opportunities and learn about emerging activities and areas of practice
  • Visibility: Increase your global recognition and showcase your organization’s experience and success stories. Broaden your organization's global reach by engaging in new technology projects and showcasing relevant experience, events, reports and tools

Membership criteria

  1. One of the following institutional structures: national technology centre or institution; regional climate technology centre or network; intergovernmental, international, regional or sector organization, partnership or initiative that contributes to technology deployment and transfer; or research, academic, financial, non- governmental, private sector or public sector organization, partnership or initiative. NDEs are de facto members of the CTN.
  2. Demonstrated capability in initiatives aimed at development, transfer and deployment of climate technologies applicable for developing countries including expertise in policy, capacity building and/or investment.
  3. Operational and organizational stability, as evidenced by financial, human and other resources relative to their mandate and size that could reasonably be deemed sufficient to deliver the organization’s mandate.
  4. A pledge to comply with the CTN code of Conduct

Application Process

New applications are received and reviewed on a continuous basis. Membership will apply until one or both Parties determine otherwise.  



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