CTCN/UNIDO Call for Proposals: Technologies for coastal management of the province of Buenos Aires


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The Climate Technology Centre is seeking proposals for the technologies for the design of a regional strategic plan for the coastal management and adaptation to climate change in the province of Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires’ 400 km long coastline is dominated by sandy beaches, dunes and sandbanks. Sandy sediments are distributed along the coast thanks to long-shore drift currents transporting the sediments from the Colorado and Negro rivers. A growth in population and increased tourism has led to construction of new developments and resorts, transport infrastructure and development of port infrastructure. Due to the environmental fragility of the environment, the extension of the urban area has caused destruction of dunes as well as notable changes to the coastal sediment transport system. In addition, coastal erosion is being further exasperated by the effects of climate change which play a role in increasing sea levels and the frequency and intensity of waves.

The Provincial Directorate of Hydraulic Engineering (DPOH) at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Services of the Province of Buenos Aires, requested support in accessing up-to-date technology and update on tools previously acquired for coastal morphology study and climate change monitoring.

The  aim  of  the  requested  technical  assistance  focuses  on  updating  the  tools  acquired  by  the  DPOH (Dirección Provincial de Obra Hidráulica) in 2013 for the coastal morphology study, with the aim of applying them to both the assessment of the climate projections and design of adaptation measures.

The specific objectives are to:  

1.    Determine  how  the  marine  setting  has  changed  in  recent  decades  (sea  levels,  waves,  wind  and meteorological tides)  

2.    Use climate change scenarios to estimate foreseeable future changes to the marine setting  

3.    Evaluate the risks linked to climate change over different time frames  

4.    Lay the foundations for later studies covering aspects not taken into account in this study  

5.    To undertake technology transfers and training linked to the project.

The completed offer must be submitted via the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) e-Procurement portal https://procurement.unido.org  by 27 July 2017, 17:00 Vienna, Austria time. Please refer to documents below for complete terms of reference and bidding information. 

Please note: In the event that your institution is not yet a CTCN  network  member,  you  may  bid  for  implementation  of  the  technical  assistance,  subject  to  the  condition  that  you  submit  your  completed  application  for CTC Network membership before the bid closure and the same is acknowledged by the CTCN. Furthermore, the contract award – should your bid be selected – is conditional to your network membership application having been successfully approved by the Director of CTCN. Should the bidder decide to partner with another institution to deliver the services described in these Terms of Reference, it is expected that the partner institution also joins the CTC Network.

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