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CTCN in Peru: Incorporating ecosystem-based adaptation in the management of national protected areas

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Peru’s Protected Natural Areas (PNAs) are the cornerstone of the country’s biodiversity conservation strategy. They include unique and often fragile ecosystems that also provide essential services to communities outside their boundaries. For instance, 60% of the hydroelectricity produced in Peru comes from rivers in protected areas (a service estimated at $320 million USD), while seven of its most popular tourist destinations are PNAs.

This project is very important for Peru. The guidelines established in the practical manual will guide the managers of the National Service of Protected Natural Areas by the State and other actors in designing and implementing the ecosystem-based adaptation options at the national level. The results from this technical assistance are a key source of information that will be incorporated in the National Adaptation Plan,”, noted Marco Antonio Arenas, Conservation and climate change specialist, National Service of Protected Natural Areas by the State.

Peru’s national policies and objectives on the management of protected areas did not previously consider potential climate change impacts or plans to ensure resilience. The National System of Protected Natural Areas therefore sought to strengthen adaptive capacity through sound ecosystem management.

In order to meet Peru’s goals, CTCN Network member Asesoramiento Ambiental Estratégico of Uruguay provided technical and strategic input into management plans for protected natural areas and developed an ecosystem-based adaptation manual to guide the work of area managers. The integration of the manual was piloted in 4 natural areas, including providing recommendations for mainstreaming ecosystem-based adaptation in budgeting processes. Finally, national training was delivered to area managers to develop their capacity to implement recommended ecosystem-based adaptation activities.

This assistance is improving the capacity of 59 protected natural area managers to mainstream ecosystem-based adaptation into their management plans. Implementation of the plans is expected to positively impact flood control and water provision, and decrease overall climate change vulnerability for an area of 20 million hectares, corresponding to roughly 15% of Peru’s total area.

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