Networking & Collaboration

Technologies are vital to building climate-resilient, low-carbon societies. Many essential technologies already exist — the challenge is to get them deployed where they are needed, and to build the enabling environments to support technology innovation, adaptation and scale-up. An overwhelming number of developing countries’ Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement indicate a requirement for technology support and capacity building in order to achieve their commitments. To meet this need, the CTCN serves as a demand-driven and trusted partner, matching developing countriy needs for climate change-related equipment, methods, capacity development and policy advice with the world-class expertise of its Network and our collaborators. 

Open Opportunities

26 Feb 2024

The Dry Corridor (Corredor Seco) of Guatemala, spanning from the Pacific coast to the northern region, is characterized by prolonged periods of absence of rain, leading to consequential droughts, as well as intermittent episodes of excessive rainfall.


Closed Opportunities

Opportunity Country Deadline
Establishment of an integrated salinity intrusion data sharing system for adaptation to the climate change impacts in the Mekong Delta of Viet Nam Viet Nam 09 May 2024
Implementation of improvements to the National Drought Monitor of Ecuador (MONSE) for the integration of a drought risk scenario module in Ecuador Ecuador 14 Feb 2024
Data-driven approach in flood mitigation: developing real-time mapping of floods in Mali Mali 17 Jul 2023
The Radio-Internet (RANET) climate disruptive technology initiative: Harnessing the combined potential of Radio and Internet to enhance agricultural resilience in rural Kebbi State, Northwestern Nigeria Nigeria 14 Jul 2023
Implementation of Water-Food-Energy nexus using digital technologies for local communities in Mozambique Mozambique 06 Jul 2023
Development of Green Building Guidelines and Standards for Ghana Ghana 16 Jun 2023
Using simple mobile technologies to scale up digital collection & processing of climate observations for adaptation actions in Malawi Malawi 29 May 2023
Diagnosis, optimization and redesign of the meteorological, hydrological, agrometeorological and atmospheric surveillance observational system to combat climate change in Peru Peru 31 Aug 2022
Customized weather and climate information system for climate-resilient agriculture in Nepal Nepal 29 Aug 2022
Development of a framework and roadmap for a National Innovation System to foster low-carbon and climate resilient economic development in Zambia Zambia 26 Aug 2022