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Technical assistance for the development of a methodology to create climate-smart municipalities in Togo and the preparation of action plans for adaptation and mitigation to climate change for 4 of these municipalities

Urban growth occurs spontaneously with limited planning. Urban infrastructure and facilities are therefore in deficit due to the low capacity of the State, local authorities and the widespread poverty of the urban population. The deficits are particularly significant for access to water, household waste and wastewater disposal, access to energy, access to school infrastructure and health services, and the use of public transportation.

Territorial governance is marked by Togo's commitment to a decentralization process that culminated in the communalization of the territory with the operationalization of 117 communes resulting from the local elections of July and August 2019. Local authorities do not have the appropriate technical and human skills to measure the effects of climate change and to assess the effects of different human activities on climate change in order to be able to identify specific responses.

This TA funded in collaboration with UNDP will define a conceptual framework for "climate smart" Communes in close cooperation with all stakeholders. It will be a methodology for developing climate change adaptation and mitigation plans. This methodology will be defined on the basis of 10 selected communes representing the diversity of the country in terms of climate. This methodology will then be applied to four communes that will obtain, as a result of the TA, adaptation and mitigation plans to the effects of climate change, taking into account key economic sectors such as waste, transport, agriculture and energy.  This TA will also create a convergence cluster through its interventions to ensure the achievement of sustainable development objectives in the communes of Togo.

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