INDC of Nigeria

Unconditional contribution In the event an ambitious, comprehensive legally binding global agreement is reached at COP21 in Paris, Nigeria will make an unconditional contribution of 20 per cent below BAU that is consistent with the current development trends and government policy priorities. The policies and measures that will deliver these savings are cost-effective, even at the current
high interest rate, which constrains investment. They include improving energy efficiency by 20 percent, 13 GW of renewable electricity provided to rural communities currently off-grid, and ending gas flaring. Contribution conditional on international support Nigeria can make a significant additional contribution with international support, in the form of finance and investment, technology and capacity building. The combined policies and measures described below can deliver in a cost-effective manner direct development benefits to the country and reduce emissions 45 per cent below BAU. The key measures are
an increased level of energy efficiency and a significant reduction in the use of generators, while providing access to energy for all Nigerians.

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