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The Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) facilitates the connection between countries and climate technology solutions, expediting development and technology transfers for low-carbon and climate-resilient initiatives at the demand of developing countries. Positioned uniquely within the global climate action landscape, the CTCN serves as a vital link between all stakeholders, catalyzing collaborative efforts. It identifies and delivers a diverse portfolio of technology solutions, alongside offering capacity building and tailored advisory services on policy, legal, and regulatory frameworks to meet the specific requirements of individual countries. Leveraging the expertise of a global network comprising technology firms and institutions, the CTCN paves the way for national strategies, regional market aggregation, and the mitigation of investment risks, both in the public and private sectors. The focus lies on achieving transformative impacts and scaling up through national innovation systems and digitalization across five key areas: the Water-Energy-Food nexus, Buildings and Infrastructure, Sustainable Mobility, Energy Systems, and Business and Industry.

Mobilizing partnerships

Climate Innovation and technology: Unlocking resources and partnership for systems transformation

The Climate Technology Centre and Network - the implementation arm of UNFCCC’s Climate Change Technology Mechanism, mandated under the Paris Agreement - provides support for accelerated development and transfer of environmentally sound technologies for low carbon and climate resilient development at the request of developing countries. 

In its distinctive role and position within the global climate action landscape, CTCN acts as a catalyst and connector between all stakeholders. It identifies and provides a portfolio of technology and innovative solutions, capacity building and advice on policy, legal and regulatory frameworks tailored to the needs of individual countries. By also harnessing the expertise of a global network of technology companies and institutions, CTCN creates pathways for national strategies, aggregation of regional markets and the de-risking of private and public investments.

Delivering transformational solutions for climate action

CTCN has a proven track record of delivering innovation technology in developing countries following a business model that converges knowledge and technology transfer, technology proof of concepts, and implementation, also leveraging innovative and inclusive partnerships.

In the past 10 years, also thanks to several Donor Governments, and in-kind and pro bono support, CTCN has delivered over 300 technical assistance projects & 10 multi-country projects in 110 developing countries, with 108 mitigation, 71 adaptation, and 61 cross-cutting projects, deploying a budget of over 100 million USD, and with 1.24 billion USD anticipated funding leveraged for developing countries.

Changing the Systems that Change the Climate: CTCN Programme of Work 2023-2027

Launched at COP 27, CTCN Programme of Work (PoW) 2023-2027 aims to enhance transformational impact and scale through two proven technology enablers (national systems of innovation and digitalization) and five system transformations (water-energy-food nexus; buildings and infrastructure; sustainable mobility; energy systems and business and industry).

Systems Transformation

With the new PoW, CTCN is exploring new partnerships and funding opportunities to scale up innovative climate solutions and move from ideation to piloting at national and regional implementation.

To respond to the demands of developing countries, small islands developing countries and least developed countries, CTCN has three regional offices covering the Latin America and the Caribbean region, the African and MENA region, and Asia and the Pacific, and a Partnership and liaison office in South Korea. CTCN is working with a global network of National Designated Entities, 800+ Network Members, and Climate technology leading partners, and holds a unique convening capacity able to influence and shape sustainable and innovative climate action.

A network of world-leading partners, businesses and donor governments support the CTCN, through strategic financial, in kind and pro bono contributions, making CTCN a trusted partner in the implementation of technical assistance, technology transfer and capacity building in developing countries.

The briefings presented here below intend to support CTCN awareness raising and resource mobilization efforts in reaching out to Governments, the Private Sector, Finance, Foundations and Philanthropies who align with CTCN mission and vision, to act as the strategic bridge between the private sector and both public and private development finance.

The vision and mission is to unlock more assistance to the Global South and developing countries and address climate change, mitigation, adaptation and resilience.

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