Connecting countries to climate technology solutions
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Updating technology needs assessment and development of technology roadmaps for prioritized technologies



Botswana’s Vision 2036 sets a target of 50% renewable electricity on the system by 2036. In the longer-term, it is anticipated that renewable energy will make a significant contribution to the Botswana’s greenhouse gas emissions targets, which, under the UNFCCC, is currently set at 15% reduction relative to business as usual by 2030. This focus on sustainable energy sources has resulted in the urgent need for the Government to update its Technology Need Assessment (TNA), a document published in November 2004. Botswana’s NAMA (2016) cites a number of barriers aimed at explaining the lack of progress in implementing Botswana’s TNA (2004), including the lack of an enabling and conducive environment for operations of the mitigation projections, the high and long term investment nature of the projects, existing subsidies on substitutes of climate mitigation projects and the lack of trained personnel to develop climate change proposal.

CTCN Support

To develop a TNA and technology roadmaps to identify and prioritize technology transfer and diffusion for climate change mitigation and adaptation in key sectors in Botswana.

Expected Impact

The technical assistance will support national stakeholders and engage with key beneficiaries in prioritizing key technologies in each of the selected sectors. On this basis, a technology action plan will be developed to identify the critical path of actions to be agricultural development and food security undertaken to meet Botswana’s climate objectives and implementing the TNA.

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