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Sustainable domestic water pumping using solar photovoltaic


Pumping of water for domestic and productive uses has been difficult to maintain in Tanzania. This challenge is highly attributed by the higher costs of pumping water using conventional means such as diesel generators and electricity.

Solar  Photovoltaic  (PV)  technologies have enabled rural communities of Tanzania to apply this technology for lighting, water pumping, charging of cell phones, etc. Community  water  projects  using  solar  pumps  have  benefitted from reduced running costs as compared to diesel or electric water pumps.

Requested CTCN Assistance

•    Develop a feasible model for solar PV powered domestic water supply
•    Develop and pilot a domestic water supply network for the regions
•    Develop and adapt a business model for revenue collection
•    Generate awareness by local government officers

Relevant Technologies

Expected Results

  • The regions of Dodoma, Tabora and Manyara are sustainably supplied with water
  • Reduced dependence on diesel fuels
  • Improved health and sanitation in the villages
  • Improved living condition in the villages
  • Improved economic activities from the irrigation scheme
  • Reduced running cost of the water supply and irrigation scheme
  • Replication  of  the  business  model  for  water  supply  to  other  villages  or  town  centers  of Tanzania

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