Optimization of Energy Savings through Implementation of Fume Treatment and Energy Recovery System 


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In Esfahan Steel Co. (ESCO), utilizer boilers are used for fume treatment and energy recovery of 3 converters (each 130 ton capacity). Currently,ESCOutilizer boilers cannot endure the required pressure (42 bar) to be used in a BOF blower station. The produced steam can’t be used, so usually it is purged leading toenergy and water loss. Also, existing gas cleaning plant is not efficient and the stack outlet is not acceptable. Considering the existing condition, ESCO seeks toreplace its utilizer boilers with anew fume dedusting system.

Requested CTCN Response

ESCO requests assistance in capacity building and technology transfer to:

  • Recoverthe heating value of the basic oxygen furnace (BOF) gas and consuming recovered gas as a source of energy in power plant
  • Reducegas emissions
  • Improve safety for the ESCO's personnel
  • Build capacity to design and construct theplant including the process units and utilities
  • Useof chemical energy of BOF gas (or steam generation) under more controllableprocedures

Relevant Technologies and Approaches

  • Higher efficiency steam boiler

Expected Results

  • Ability to separateextremely small dust particles efficiently through electrostatic precipitators and preventing dust emission
  • Recoverheat adequately for subsequent use as a fuel
  • Consumption ofrecovered energy in power plant
  • Reduction in GHG emissions
  • Increased profits through selling power onthe global market
  • Useof chemical energy of BOF gas (or steam generation) under more controllable procedure

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