Connecting countries to climate technology solutions
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Internationalization of the Brazilian hydrogen energy research and development network

This technical assistance advances the following Sustainable Development Goals:
Affordable and clean energy
Climate action
Partnerships for the goals


The scientific and industrial community involved in actions related to climate change, as well as the development of technologies and applications in the field of hydrogen and fuel cells in Brazil, is very active. However, there is a need to foster their synergetic development in order to facilitate the sustainable deployment of applications such as distributed electricity generation and electric/hydrogen mobility. National know-how and experiences need to be further connected to an international network to be mobilized and to stimulate cooperation among projects, organizations, and experts and also to identify funding for joint projects.

Requested CTCN Response

  •  Knowledge sharing of international best practices with Brazilian institutions and companies
  •  Assist the Brazilian Hydrogen Association in transferring its unique experience in Brazil as well as to other institutions in Latin America

Expected Results

  • Dissemination of knowledge on the hydrogen energy sector that will foster the interest for the new collaborative projects at the regional level and financing opportunities for new scientific and technological activities
  • Adoption of codes and standards to facilitate the deployment of safe engineering implementations
  • Identification of key players and potential members for the Brazilian Hydrogen Association
  • Identification of potential areas for international cooperation and funding opportunities
  • Development of a 3-year business plan for the Brazilian Hydrogen Association including the list of established collaborations with key Brazilian organizations in the renewable energy, power systems, grid management, transport and urban mobility field
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    6-12 months
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