The identification of projects for the greening and resilience of the land and coastal areas of the Commune of Cocody, Abidjan



Côte d'Ivoire faces critical environmental issues with recurrent floods and droughts as well as air pollution, particularly in urban areas. Abidjan, the economic capital of Côte d'Ivoire, is the most populous city with 4,707,000 inhabitants, or 21% of the country's total population, and is experiencing rapid urban growth characterized by heavy industrialization and urbanization. Cocody, a district of Abidjan with a lagoon frontage of 57 km, is subject to significant pressure due to rapid urbanization. Cocody is also known to have the largest number of people affected by flooding.

The Municipal Council of the Commune of Cocody decided in 2017 to initiate and implement a vast project that aims to make from the Commune of Cocody, a leading and model of a smart city.  A central element of this project is the greening of urban spaces and the planting of mangroves in the coastal area.

CTCN support

To identify two bankable projects for the greening of urban spaces and the planting of mangroves in the coastal zone of the Commune of Cocody in order to improve urban resilience and support carbon sequestration in connection with the Greening and Resilience of Land and Coastal Zones Project of the Commune of Cocody, Abidjan:

  • Carry out a territorial and geo-spatial diagnosis by the use of satellite technologies of the commune of Cocody, in Ivory Coast;
  • Identify the sites in consultation with all stakeholders;
  • Elaborate a portfolio of options for a) the vegetation of the urban space, b) the restoration of mangroves in the littoral zone of Cocody;
  • Select 2 pilot projects, one for the vegetation of the urban space and another for the restoration of mangroves;
  • Write a concept note for each of the 2 identified pilot projects in order to facilitate access to funds for the commune and ensure the development of the two pilot projects a second time.


Expected results

The municipality of Cocody will have two concept notes, one for a pilot project for the revegetation of urban spaces and another for the restoration of mangroves. These conceptual notes will allow the commune to seek funding for the implementation of these projects.


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