Formulation of a Pre-Concept Proposal to the Innovation Facility of the Adaptation Fund, for a holistic watershed management approach including wetland creation for water supply



Today, much of the precipitation in the Seychelles falls in sharp bursts, creating heavy flooding in the wet season, while imposing extended periods of drought during the dry season. Climate change projections in the Seychelles predict more intense rainfalls and drought periods. As the country does not have a large water storage capacity, and the topography of the islands constrains such infrastructure, water supplies are heavily dependent on rainfall. Furthermore, the coastal zone is vulnerable to flooding, because of rising sea surface levels and increased storm surges from cyclonic activity in the Western Indian Ocean. Therefore, water management has become a priority in the Seychelles with a particular focus on water policy and watershed management. The Seychelles seek to integrate environmental considerations in cross-sectoral policies and to streamline national and international commitments related to climate change adaptation.

CTCN Support

Following the recommendation of a geotechnical and financial feasibility study of wetland creation that was prepared during the implementation of an Adaptation Fund Programme, the CTCN will support with this Fast Technical Assistance to formulate a pre-concept proposal to the Innovation Facility of the Adaptation Fund (AF). This pre-concept note will support the confirmation of the AF's interest in financing the detailed design phase (and potentially the implementation) of the innovative water retention structure in “La Drisse” depression in the Mare-aux-Cochons watershed in Seychelles. The aim is to sustainably manage the watershed to secure freshwater resources that are essential for climate change resilience on Mahé.  

Expected Impact 

The expected impact of this Fast Technical Assistance is to leverage financing to enhance the hydrological management of the Seychelles and address two major water supply challenges. On the one hand, it will address the need to transfer water towards the zones of treatment and consumption (from the West to the East), and on the other hand, to increase storage capacity in the Seychelles. This Fast Technical Assistance also contributes to the NDC objectives of the Seychelles to improve adaptation in terms of energy and water security and to improve community resilience.


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