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The establishment of an Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) Plan to protect Iives, properties and the environment



The coastal zone is one of the nation's greatest environmental and economic assets of Liberia. However, the evolution of coastline variations is considered as one of the most dynamic processes affecting this area. Liberia has initiated its Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) in 2019. Integrated Coastal Zone Management has been identified as one of the three and the most important technologies priorities for the country along with Flood Early Warning System and Armour or Rock Revetment.

CTCN Support

To formulate an Integrated Coastal Zone Management policy framework that will:

  • Promote integrated planning and coordination of coastal developments across the various sectors.  
  • Promote sustainable economic development to secure livelihoods of coastal communities.  
  • Conserve the coastal and marine resources and environment for sustainable development.
  • Manage environmental risks associated with changes in shoreline and climate.  
  • Develop capacity in research and education and enhance stakeholder awareness and participation in sustainable resource management.  

Expected Impact

This technical assistance will support the formulation of an Integrated Coastal Zone Management policy framework.


    Date of submission:
    Geographical scope:
    Duration range:
    12-24 months