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The development of a standard for digestate utilization in Tunisian agriculture



Development of biosolids/digestate standards for use in the agricultural sector will not have a direct climate impact but the use of biosolids use can lead to broader adoption of the anaerobic digestion technology. Each country has a different set of standards depending on the discharge standards of treated effluents on land, water body, sea or rivers etc. and the quality of the digestate is largely dependent on the effluent discharge standards.

CTCN Support

Through this Fast Technical Assistance (FTA), the Centre compiled and provided Tunisia with various standards and guidelines which are used in developed and developing countries on the use of biosolids in agriculture practices.  The guidelines included documents by the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization. 

Expected Impact

The compiled material will help the stakeholders enhance their understanding of the use of biosolids and develop their own national standards and guidelines using a national consultative process. To compile a collection of documents will guide Tunisia in further understanding the implications of the use of biosolids in agricultural practices and thereby develop guidelines on the basis of the national consultative process.