Development of a methodology to create climate-smart municipalities in Togo and the preparation of action plans for adaptation and mitigation to climate change for 4 of these municipalities



Togo is a predominantly rural country with a low urbanization rate of 37.7%.  However, the urban population is growing annually by an average of 4.5% for all the country's cities and 5% for the capital, Lomé. With this growth dynamic, more than 50% of Togolese will live in an urban center in 2030. Challenges arise in areas such as land, water, energy, greenhouse gas emissions and waste. The aim of this technical assistance is to define a conceptual framework for "climate smart" municipalities in close cooperation with all stakeholders.

CTCN Support

  • Develop communication documents and implementation work plan;
  • Assessment of the vulnerability of the ten targeted urban communes;
  • Establish a conceptual framework for "climate-smart" Communes in close cooperation with all stakeholders;
  • First drafts of the 4 adaptation and mitigation action plans developed;
  • Revised adaptation and mitigation plans and finalized the reports;
  • Awareness campaign.

Expected Results

Defined the methodology for developing climate change adaptation and mitigation plans. This methodology will be elaborated on the basis of 10 selected communes representing the diversity of the country in terms of climate. This methodology will then be applied to four communes that will obtain adaptation and mitigation plans to the effects of climate change, taking into account key economic sectors such as waste, transport, agriculture and energy.


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