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Development of Kurunegala as a climate smart city (mitigation element)


Kurunegala City is an intensively developing capital, located in the North-Western Province of Sri Lanka. Like other world cities, the city of Kurunegala is facing socio-spatial climate vulnerabilities, including increasing extreme heat conditions, periods of flooding, air pollution, a decreasing drinking water supply, groundwater pollution, waste management issues, lack of sewage treatment and disposal facilities, and gradually diminishing urban biodiversity and recreation. Therefore, most urban systems in the city of Kurunegala are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and most crucial to adaptation challenges which have affected in the past/can affect in the future. This request is part of an initial request made by Sri Lanka which focuses on adaptation. 

CTCN Support

•    Identification of priority sectors and areas for analysis with low emission transition options
•    Action Plan for the transition to a low emission and capacity building of city planners

Expected Impact

•    A city framework and master plan on mitigation elements integrated with adaptation measures in the city areas which would help in reducing the green gas emission
•    This will enable policymakers and urban planners in making critical decisions in investing and implementing clean and green infrastructure, renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable transportation, waste management

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