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Development of a framework and roadmap for a National Innovation System to foster low-carbon and climate resilient economic development in Zambia



Climate variability and change has become a major threat to sustainable development in Zambia. The country is already experiencing climate induced hazards which include drought and dry spells, seasonal and flash floods and extreme temperatures. Some of these hazards, especially the droughts and floods have increased in frequency and intensity over the past few decades and have adversely impacted food and water security, water quality, energy and livelihoods of the people, especially in rural communities. The aggregated estimated total GDP loss by sector is in the range of USD 4,330-5,440 million.

Innovation is seen as a relevant tool with a double benefit, to respond to the adverse impacts of climate change, and to generate economic growth. As a structured approach to fostering innovation is required, the concept of national innovation systems (NIS) has been introduced and widely adopted.

Zambia has communicated clear ambitions of fostering innovation and aspires to become a prosperous low carbon and climate resilient middle income country by 2030 as enshrined in its Vision 2030. However, to date, most initiatives to increase its innovative capacities were uncoordinated and with limited success. Zambia requires a structured national innovation system to effectively foster innovation for a low-carbon and climate resilient economic development.

CTCN Support

To develop a framework and roadmap for the introduction of a national innovation system by including key stakeholders in the development process and creating platforms for continuous engagement.

Expected Impact

Developed framework and roadmap for a National Innovation System (NIS) in Zambia to foster innovation across institutions and industries for low-carbon and climate resilient economic development.

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