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Building a circular economy and reducing emissions in the waste sector



Antigua and Barbuda is amongst the largest per capita generators of waste in the world and is reliant on a single, aging landfill that has exceeded its design capacity and requires urgent action. The country aims to initiate a transition to the circular economy by working with waste industry stakeholders to repurpose waste as a valuable resource and subsequently, drive emissions out of the sector. The nation is dependent on imports of finished products that are typically shipped in generous packaging, which creates a very significant waste management challenge.

A draft Green Climate Fund Simplified Approval Process concept note Building a Circular Economy and Reducing Emissions in the Waste Sector was prepared in 2018.

CTCN Support

Assist in finalizing the concept note for submission to GCF and the preparation of a Project Preparation Facility (PPF) application which will be submitted to the GCF simultaneously with the concept note.

Expected Impact

Prepared documents for the GCF, which will assist Antigua and Barbuda in building a circular economy and reducing emissions in the waste sector.


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