Application of the gravity-driven membrane (GDM) technology for supplying sustainable drinking water to rural communities



Cambodia has limited access to high water quality and hygiene. Although there has been an improvement in urban areas, most rural areas still have difficulties in water and sanitation access. Sufficient supply of safe water (including drink water) is crucial for rural people and would enable them to adapt to climate change, particularly in the prolonged drought situation that have occurred in Cambodia.

Safe drinking water supply was one of the prioritized concerns in the National Adaptation Programme of Action to Climate Change (NAPA). Among 20 prioritized NAPA projects, ‘Safer water supply for rural communities’ was included in which wells/ponds were constructed in selected areas, and locally made water filters were provided by non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

CTCN Support

Implement a low-cost, sustainable, locally suitable gravity-driven membrane (GDM) technology for safe drinking water supply to rural communities:

  • Overall review of drinking water quality and scarcity in rural Cambodia (literature review);
  •  Site selection to install and test a GDM technology for drinking water supply at community levels;
  •  Quality analysis of drinking water sources in the selected site(s) and design of GDM filtration to be applied;
  • Installation of the GDM technology in the selected site(s);
  • Capacity building workshop on sustainable management of the GDM technology at community levels;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of drinking water quality provided from the GDM technology in the selected site(s);
  • Cost-benefit analysis of applying the GDM technology for drinking water supply at community levels in rural Cambodia;
  • Assessment of drinking water consumption patterns and health survey in the selected site(s)

Expected Impact

Reduced risk of drinking water scarcity in rural Cambodia caused by climate change and frequent drought conditions.


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