Analysis and technical review of the existing legal framework for the implementation of a circular economy policy in Mexico




As part of the work carried out for the CTCN project "Assessment of the current status of the circular economy for developing a roadmap for Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Uruguay", work was done in the case of Mexico on ascertaining the degree of adoption of the circular economy; this work took account of key stakeholders in the main economic sectors with the greatest involvement in greenhouse gases (GHG)-mitigation and Nationally Determined Contributions under the Paris Agreement.

An area of opportunity was identified to boost the transition towards a circular-economy model, which derives from a series of regulatory changes that the country has been making in, for example, the regulation of local governments such as the State of Quintana Roo and the State of Querétaro, where proposals have been made in this area and the General Circular Economy Bill, presented by representatives of the Senate of the Republic in December 2019.

CTCN Support

  • Conduct a detailed review of environmental and economic regulation and other legal instruments required for implementation of a national policy in respect of the circular economy;
  • Conduct a detailed review of the different proposals linked to the circular economy model for Mexico;
  • Identify barriers to be overcome and the possibility of implementing improvements to legislation proposed in the country in respect of the circular economy;
  • Analyse the existing and necessary legal framework in order to identify the requirements for addressing the issue of plastic waste and other flows of valorizable waste, of re-using byproducts and moving towards a circular economy model;
  • Make proposals for improvement that are useful to the various stakeholders and sectors applying them or that are interested in their implementation as new business models and innovation in the design of products and services based on international experience and best practice, within the framework of the circular economy.

Expected Impact

The assistance will lay the foundations for supporting the transition to a regulatory framework that incorporates a conceptualization of key elements and principles for implementation of the circular economy.



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