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Women in Energy: Breaking Stereotypes and Inspiring Change

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M. Govindan, R. Murali, D. Dholakia
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The benefits of energy to economic growth and human development are undeniable and also it is a critical enabler for reducing inequities between men and women and boys and girls. Sustainable Development Goals 5 and 7, respectively, aim to achieve gender equality and universal energy access. However, SDG 7 cannot be achieved in isolation as gender equality and the empowerment of women have significant positive impacts on sustained economic growth and there is a vital connection between energy access and gender equality. Therefore, in order to achieve the objective of SDG 7, it is of utmost importance to promote gender inclusion within energy access and production efforts.  Hence, the international development community and many governments are focusing greater attention on the gender–energy nexus to fill important knowledge gaps on how the two goals might complement and supplement each other. 

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