This is Webinar 1 in the Webinar Series: Urban resilience. Facing global crisis at the time of pandemic:

This first webinar sets the scene for the webinar series URBAN RESILIENCE: facing global crisis at the time of pandemic, with a lively discussion intended to provide a broad overview on urban resilience, and the capacity of cities to address causes and effects of mayor global challenges, specifically learning from the current global pandemic crises. The panellists will discuss different perspectives and experiences from the point of view of practice, policymaking and research.

The discussion will illustrate a reality snapshot at the ground level, efforts, gaps, and opportunities to increase the ability of urban systems, to respond systemically and dynamically to present and future shock and stresses related to the major global challenges.

Citing directly one of our panellists: ‘building resilient cities [must happen] not tomorrow, but now. It’s not easy. Globally, humanity is enduring one of the most difficult moments in decades. The experience is particularly bewildering for younger generations, who have never encountered challenge of this magnitude before’ (Esteban Leon, UN Habitat, Urban resilience Hub).

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Disaster risk reduction