Planning Heatwave Management in India. Led by Taru Leading Edge, Delhi, the process of mapping the pathway has been inclusive and participatory. The report draws on both, available best expertise as well as recent rapidly evolving experience and learning of managing heatwaves in Indian cities. Previous studies and work in urban areas across India suggests that there is no single institutional blueprint that is applicable everywhere which can be used to manage extreme heat. Strong local leadership invariably can make a significant difference. A national approach can support India in mitigating and adapting to changing temperatures and extreme heat by embedding actions in day-to-day life. For this, a National Roadmap was needed: this report fills this gap. This National Roadmap is an opportunity for the national, subnational and local leaders to prepare for heatwave planning process. The accumulation of cases and experiences in this report provides reassurance that others around the world are facing similar challenges and adopting various approaches towards climate compatible development for cities.

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