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PACC Demonstration Guide: Piloting climate change adaptation in food production and food security on low-lying atolls of Solomon Islands

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M. Taylor
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This demonstration guide describes the Solomon Islands Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change (PACC) project.

Aimed primarily at climate change practitioners across the Pacific region, it gives details of the planning and execution of this food security project, with a focus on lessons learned along the way and best practices identified.

The PACC’s goal was ‘to contribute to reduced vulnerability and increased adaptive capacity to adverse effects of climate change in Solomon Islands’. The pilot sites for the demonstration projects were the low lying atolls of Ontong Java and, in a second phase, Sikaiana.

Some examples of project activities include the provision of water tanks for the communities to assist with the management of water resources and the development and pilot of a simple solar dryer. Research was conducted on the optimum methodology for processing cassava for long-term storage using the dryer. The the project team has also been working at the strategic level through involvement in the development of the National Climate Change Policy.

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