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Mexico: Waste Management and Carbon Offset Project

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The project development objectives of the Waste Management and Carbon Offset Project is to reduce the greenhouse emission caused by methane released during land-filling of solid waste in Mexico. The project will support the development of three landfill gas facilities (Guadalajara and Monterrey II, where the methane will be captured and use for power generation; the third facility at La Reserva, Leon where the methane will be flared). The project is expected to displace an estimated 2.2 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (mtCO2e) up to 2012 and 3 millions tons up to 2015. The project will contribute to improve solid waste management practices through a remediation program to strengthening the integrity of closed landfills. The project will also support a "proof of concept", off-grid renewable energy supply at a poor community in Nuevo Leon to be completed by 2010. This project and the GEF project "Methane Gas Capture and Use at a Landfill - Demonstration", support to address air pollution, solid waste management, clean air technologies, and greenhouse emissions to promote development in harmony with nature and the environment.