Connecting countries to climate technology solutions
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Guidance for a gender-responsive Technology Needs Assessment

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UNEP DTU Partnership
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This guidebook is divided into two parts. Part I familiarizes the reader with gender concepts and demonstrates the relevance of gender issues to climate change adaptation and mitigation, as well as to the relationship between gender and climate in the Sustainable Development Goals. When adopting a gender approach in a TNA, the TNA teams must understand the various gender-related barriers and constraints to the uptake and diffusion of technologies prioritized by countries. Phase II of this guidance is exclusively focused on the TNA process and provides the reader with gender-mainstreaming guidance for each step in the TNA process with reference to gender equality concepts and principles. The guide should be read from beginning to end, as in Part I it provides basic concepts concerning gender mainstreaming in climate change activities and in Part II demonstrates step by step the practical application of this framework in a TNA.

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