The 2023 compilation of national strategies, plans and projects on Green Hydrogen Technologies for Systems Transformation, intends to distil what has been learnt to date on green hydrogen and equip countries with the knowledge and capacity to understand and assess available system transformation options, including opportunities and challenges, to reach net zero emission targets.

Green Hydrogen Technologies for Systems Transformation,  National Strategies, Plans and Projects

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) Sixth Assessment Report AR6 identifies hydrogen as one of the most promising alternative fuels of multiple energy supply options available to reduce emissions over the next decade. Hydrogen produced from electrolysis (‘Green Hydrogen’) has the great potential to transform systems of heavy industry, residential and commercial buildings, and transport. However, as the Report shows, the effectiveness of hydrogen will depend on how quickly and how far technology improves.

This document offers a snapshot of the current implementation and future developments of green hydrogen projects, providing examples of green hydrogen technology research, development, and deployment efforts and the impact on increasing renewable energy infrastructure and transformation at the national level. It can be a resource for developing countries, showcasing how green hydrogen technologies can assist national systems’ transformation of energy industry, mobility, agriculture, buildings, and business.

This collection of national examples not only sheds light on the technological advancements and successful national strategies in the realm of green hydrogen, but also underscores the significance of regional collaboration. The journey toward systems transformation requires a collective effort, as nations grapple with shared challenges and shared opportunities. By showcasing a range of national and regional perspectives, we are building a bridge between global imperatives and localized solutions, while facilitating the exchange of best practices and lessons learned.

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