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Geothermal Resource Policy Uganda

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Paul Zakkour and Gregory Cook (Carbon Counts)
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Recognising the long-term ambitions for geothermal resource development in Uganda, and the near-term need to urgently diversify the country’s energy supply mix away from its dependence on hydropower, the overarching goal of this policy is to accelerate the development of geothermal resources for the benefit for all Ugandans. This policy firstly characterises thecontexts for resource development, current resource status, and the issues challenges for development. Based on these, the principles, objectives, and strategies for achieving the policy goal are outlined. These include:

1.   Accelerating geothermal resource exploration through enhanced actions by Government; 
2.   Optimising development to ensure efficient use of geothermal resources; 
3.   Promulgating a new legal framework to improve the management of geothermal resources; 
4.   Ensuring environmentally safe deployment of geothermal energy technologies; 
5.   Promoting a geothermal industry of the future through improved human resource development and local content requirements for geothermal development activities.