The “Technology Needs Assessment for the Implementation of Climate Action Plans in Brazil (TNA_ BRAZIL)” project aims to strengthen the technical capacity of the Brazilian government through the development of a comprehensive assessment of technology needs for the implementation of climate action plans in Brazil, aimed at providing subsidies for decision making to support the GHG mitigation targets under Brazil’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) and the country’s strategy for the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

For the elaboration of the Technology Action Plans (TAPs), the following technology packages were prioritized: floating photovoltaic solar energy; flex hybrid vehicles; ethanol fuel cell electric vehicles; use of agricultural and agro-industrial waste; photovoltaic solar induction stoves; innovative materials for cement; industry 4.0; precision agriculture (PA); genetic improvement in beef cattle; silviculture and genetic improvement of native species; mixed planting silviculture for restoration; and satellite monitoring (BRASIL, 2021b; 2021c).

This document aims to potentialize the implementation of the Plans, through subsidies to facilitate access to financing mechanisms for the prioritized technologies for governments, companies, associations and cooperatives, among others. In addition, it complements the “Guia Eletrônico das Opções de Financiamento para as Tecnologias Priorizadas no Projeto TNA_BRAZIL – Eletronic guide”, which identifies support mechanisms associated with the standardized financing modalities described in this document. The tool allows the user to filter the mechanisms according to the needs and profile of the beneficiary (BRASIL, 2021d). For each financing instrument, the tool identifies the type of beneficiary, sources of funds, eligible technologies and the step-by-step procedure to access financing, among other important data.

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