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Final review of the project "Hifadhi ya Misitu ya Asali (HIMA) - Piloting REDD+ in Zanzibar through Community Forest Management" implemented by CARE International and partners

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The project “Hifadhi ya Misitu ya Asili (HIMA) - Piloting REDD+ in Zanzibar through Community Forest Management” was designed and implemented between April 2010 and December 2014 by CARE International, department of forestry and non-renewable resources (DFNR), the US-based company Terra Global Consulting (Terra), the department of environment (DoE) of Zanzibar as well as three community forestry NGOs / CBOs JECA (Jozani Environmental Conservation Association), SEDCA (South Environmental and Development Conservation Association) and NGENARECO (Ngezi-Vumawimbi Natural Resources Conservation Organization). The total budget of the project was USD 5,539,175. The central approach of the project was the promotion of forest protection in 45 decentralized community forest management areas (COFMAs) and the creation of alternatives to overconsumption of, and dependency on forest products for local livelihoods. The project area includes 82,754 ha of COFMA forests while the project zone covers the entire area of Unguja and Pemba Islands.
The  evaluation uses the standard OECD/DAC evaluation criteria of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability. In addition, the evaluation team used four cross-cutting result areas of REDD+ readiness, policy testing, REDD+  results and broad stakeholder involvement to review project outcomes which were also defined in the terms of reference as key evaluation considerations. The review was conducted in February and March 2015 based on desk study of documents and interviews on Unguja and Pemba Islands.

Final Review of REDD+ Pilot Projects in Tanzania Report No. 4.