Connecting countries to climate technology solutions
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Enhancing implementation of Technology Needs Assessments

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Technology Executive Committee, UNEP DTU Partnership
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The Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) process identifies a country’s development priorities. These are derived from ongoing policies, programmes and projects, long-term vision documents as well as strategies for climate change mitigation and adaptation already in place. These development priorities are used along with climate mitigation and adaptation criteria for identifying highest priority (sub) sectors, and for prioritising technologies for mitigation and adaptation within these (sub) sectors. The TNA process, therefore, maps out a country’s long-term development priorities and also identifies technologies to realise these with lower emissions and stronger climate resilience. 

The publication of this Guidance for preparing TAPs is the result of the dedicated efforts of all those involved in its production, in particular its principal consultants, staff of the UNFCCC secretariat, staff of the UDP, members of the TEC and numerous practitioners engaged in project development and financing.