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CTCN Knowledge Brief: Nature-based Solutions to Emerging Water Management Challenges in the Asia-Pacific Region

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This collection of carefully chosen case studies and lessons learned demonstrates the variety of types and scales of nature-based solutions that have been applied in the region as a response to climate change and exhibits the significant potential for further utilization and upscaling of NbS in cost-effective and sustainable ways. From urban greening projects and coastal protection initiatives to local wastewater treatment and community eco-engineering projects, all confirm the versatility of NbS options for a region as diverse as the Asia-Pacific. Findings also confirm that the nature of NbS allows for flexible and innovative implementation that can draw on international, national, or local-level mechanisms for implementation and financing. The inherent diversity and flexibility of NbS, along with its broad contribution to sustainable development objectives, makes it a crucial mechanism for building the region’s climate change resilience within the water resources domain while making an important contribution towards the achievement of numerous Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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