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CTCN Gender mainstreaming tool (Spanish)

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Climate Technology Centre & Network
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This document is to be viewed as an initial gender mainstreaming guideline during the development of CTCN response plans and applies to design, implementation and monitoring of technical assistance.

Gender mainstreaming is the process of assessing the implications for women and men of the technical assistance when planning the activities, deliverables, outputs and intended impacts for the response plan, and throughout the whole process. It is a strategy for making women’s and men’s concerns and experiences an integral dimension of the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the technical assistance so that both women and men benefit and inequality is not perpetuated. Gender mainstreaming is not a goal in itself but an approach for promoting gender equality. Mainstreaming a gender perspective was globally established as a strategy for promoting gender equality through the adoption of the Platform for Action at the UN Fourth World Conference on Women held in Beijing in 1995.