The second edition of the Africa Innovates magazine, Climate Champions: 50 Homegrown African Innovations Tackling Climate Change, showcases the power of innovation from across the African continent to fight climate change. Jointly produced by UNDP and the CTCN, and building on the magazine’s inaugural edition highlighting African innovation to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, this edition of Africa Innovates tells the stories of 50 African climate warriors who have developed unique homegrown climate solutions. Their solutions are based on local needs and priorities: from digital applications to map landscapes in Chad, track livestock in the Sahel and wild animals in South Africa; to digital green farming systems with remote-controlled irrigation in Niger; from Ghana’s first house made of plastic waste; to clean cooking stoves made from recycled metal in Kenya; and a piezoelectric device that harnesses the energy generated by pressure, heat, vibrations and the weather to create affordable and clean electricity in Sierra Leone; these solutions are creative and resourceful. They provide important lessons for the global community while bolstering sustainable development efforts in Africa and pushing the global envelope on innovation.

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