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Having its mandate extended at the COP 25 with the focus area for the year 2020 on strengthening the coherence and coordination of capacity-building activities for implementing nationally determined contributions. Paris Committee on Capacity-building (PCCB) continues its work to address gaps and needs, both current and emerging, in implementing capacity-building in developing countries and further enhance capacity-building efforts, including with regard to coherence and coordination in capacity-building activities under the Convention.

The PCCB, works in close collaboration with constituted bodies of the Convention and other stakeholders, to foster collaboration and build synergies in the delivery of capacity-building support to developing countries. An important part of the work of the PCCB is the development of policy recommendations to support countries in enhancing their capacities to scale up climate action. Read more here


Capacity-building activities



Activity 1: 4th meeting of the PCCB

The 4th meeting of the PCCB was held virtually took place virtually from 22 to 25 June 2020. The Committee discussed its draft workplan for 2021-2024 and agree on the next steps towards finalizing the document intersessionally. Members also reviewed and agreed on a number of major forthcoming activities, including its new focus area for 2021, the development of a toolkit to guide developing countries in assessing their capacity gaps and needs related to implementing the Paris Agreement, and the launch of an informal coordination arrangement on capacity-building under the Convention and Paris Agreement.

At the meeting the PCCB also elected two co-chairs, Marzena Chodor from Poland, was re-elected, and Yongxiang Zhang from China was elected as new co-chair replacing Rita Mishaan, Guatemala. In addition, In line with its gender mainstreaming standard, the PCCB appointed Jeniffer Hanna, Dominican Republic as the gender focal point. Read more here


Activity 2: The first meeting of the PCCB Network

The Inaugural Meeting of the PCCB Network was successfully held on 26 June 2020. 179 organizations and initiatives have joined the Network since its launch on 1 April 2020, representing a wide range of regions, sectors and types of institutions. The first Network meeting attended by 73 Network participants.

The PCCB Network is envisioned as a voluntary association of interested stakeholders engaged in climate-related capacity-building who can share information on good practices of their work, contribute to the work of PCCB in fulfilling its mandate and seek to connect with their peers across sectors and regions. Read more here


Activities Planned for the Next Quarter


Virtual Capacity-building Knowledge to Action Day

Type: Virtual

The Capacity-building Knowledge to Action Day for the African region will be conducted virtually this year, as a result of Africa Climate Week being postponed due to the COVID-19. The organization of the Capacity-building Knowledge to Action Days is an effort to provide a grounding for higher ambition and further action in the different regions. Diversity, participation, and partnership are guiding principles in the organization of this event series. Read more here


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