The mission of APAN is to build climate change resilient and sustainable human systems, ecosystems and economies through the mobilisation of knowledge, enhanced institutional capacity and informed decision making‐processes, and facilitated access to finance and technologies.

The purpose is to equip key actors in Asia and the Pacific Region with adequate knowledge for designing and implementing climate change adaptation measures, building capacity to access technologies and finance in support of climate change adaptation, and integrating climate change adaptation into policies, strategies and plans.


Specific Objectives of APAN


  • Improve understanding and knowledge of adaptation to past, current and future climate conditions;
  • Enhance capacities to apply knowledge to assess technologies, access finance, and design and implement actions on adaptation; and
  • Strengthen the ability to integrate adaptation into development policies, strategies, and plans.


Activities Planned for the Next Quarter

APAN Forum

Date: 8-12 March 2021


Date: October-November 2020

Type: Webinar series

Venue: Online/MS Teams

In the run-up to the 7th Asia Pacific Adaptation Forum, scheduled for 8-12 March 2021 in Tokyo, Japan under the theme: Enabling Resilience for All: The Critical Decade to Scale-up Action, the Asia-Pacific Adaptation Network is organizing a series of webinar to bring perspectives from stakeholders from different sectors across the Asia-Pacific region.

The virtual consultations will take place during September – October 2020 with the aim to aid designing the overall programme of the main forum, helping to build insight on resilience by finding a mutual understanding on recommendations for accelerating transformations in the context of COVID-19.

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