News/Capacity building:

  • Adaptation Fund becomes member of the PCCB Network. In April 2020 the Fund became one of the first organizations to join the PCCB Network through which it will continue to support the PCCB through active input provision, engagement and sharing of the Fund’s readiness and capacity-building knowledge, experience and activities.

  • Newest National Implementing Entity (NIE) gets accreditation through South-South Cooperation. The newest NIE of the Fund, FIRCA (Fonds Interprofessionnel pour la Recherche et le Conseil Agricoles) of Côte d’Ivoire received a South-South Cooperation grant through which it received peer support from an already accredited NIE, CSE (Centre de Suivi Ecologique) of Senegal. Read the capacity-building story of FIRCA here.


Adaptation Fund at COP 25

















Available capacity-building support:

Through its Readiness Programme for Climate Finance, the Fund provides readiness and capacity-building support to developing countries through readiness grants, workshops (both regional and global-level workshops), country exchanges, webinars, and through the dissemination and presentation of the Fund’s policies and guideline documents. For more information please visit here.

 Picture by AF accredited NIE for Chile_AGCID_for AF funded project in Chile
















Activities undertaken in the last quarter:

  • Readiness Webinar: Adaptation Fund Held its 10th readiness webinar for its accredited National Implementing Entities on 22 and 23 April 2020, and for the first time held the webinar as 2 duplicate regional events over 2 days to cater to participants from different time zones. The webinar discussed the topic: Managing project extensions through adaptive management during project implementation. Participants discussed the risks and reasons for project delays and extensions that are internal and external to the entity and how such risks can be addressed using adaptive management tools. Key highlights included presentations by 4 NIEs who shared their experiences, challenges and lessons from applying adaptive management in the face of project delays. Read the webinar report by clicking here. 


  • Roll-out of French version of Fund’s E-learning Course: The AF has continued its efforts of delivering capacity-building to its entities by completed the French version of its virtual course on Unlocking Direct Access for Adaptation Funding, consisting of two modules, one on Accreditation and the other on addressing Environmental, Social and Gender considerations in project design and implementation. This is an important tool for capacity building at national and subnational level as it tackles the specific challenges and opportunities associated with the Direct Access Modality and in particular the capacity gaps in financial management and fiduciary standards, environmental, social and gender standards and its mitigation factors. Participants from French-speaking countries develop basic skills for applying the Direct Access modality in a practical context and will have a useful guide from the choice of the Implementing that will undertake the AF Accreditation process to the submission of project proposal to the AF Board. The course participants will be awarded with a Certificate. Please click here for more information.


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Upcoming events:

  • 7th Annual NIE seminar, Workshop, (Possibly virtual-To be confirmed): The 2020 annual seminar for accredited NIEs of the Adaptation Fund will discuss issues and topics identified by the NIEs which include how to restructure ongoing projects when circumstances have changed, innovation in adaptation, communication, and many others. Logistics for the event will be communicated to all participants soon. Please click here for more information about the event.


  • October 2020, 11th Climate Finance Readiness Webinar (Online): The 11th webinar for Adaptation Fund accredited NIEs will take place in October 2020 and will follow the usual country-driven approach of previous webinars through which the topic and agenda to be discussed pertinent to the life cycle of adaptation projects and programmes would be identified by the NIEs. More information will be communicated to participants soon. Please click here for more information.



(Gender case study) Assessing Progress: Integrating Gender in Adaptation Fund Projects and Programmes. (March 2020)

The study provides an overview of lessons on mainstreaming gender in select AF projects.  It highlights good practice experiences and outcomes, including, related to improved project design thanks to gender-responsive comprehensive stakeholder engagement and the power of gender-disaggregated indicators and gender-responsive monitoring. It also articulated some challenges and opportunities relevant for improving gender mainstreaming efforts within the broader portfolio of Fund projects/programmes, such as tackling the varied capacity on gender of Implementing Entities and executing entities.

Follow this link for more information.


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