The 2022-2023 CTCN Progress Report showcases how developing countries have harnessed the power of technology to forge their own path toward a sustainable future.

During the reporting period, CTCN supported more than 75 countries and enhanced capacity building for climate technology development and transfer across the five systems’ transformation areas:

  • Water-energy-food nexus
  • Buildings& Infrastructure
  • Sustainable Mobility
  • Energy Systems
  • Business & Industry

And two proven technology enablers:

  • Digitalization, and
  • National Systems of Innovation (NSI). 

CTCN has unlocked resources and maximized partnerships for system transformation. In 2022 we inaugurated the PALO office in Songdo, which quickly established itself as a major asset for CTCN and its global community, catalysing and amplifying knowledge and capacity building, as well as mobilizing vital partnerships. In 2022-2023, the CTCN bolstered its network by welcoming 177 new members, reaching a total of 840 members, this injection of fresh perspectives and expertise has enhanced the vibrancy of the network, serving as the engine behind the technical assistance initiatives implemented in developing countries. More than ever before, CTCN has served as a catalyst for climate innovation and technology advancement, creating pathways for national strategies, aggregation of regional markets and de-risking of private and public investments, and opening opportunities for scaling up and leveraging climate finance.

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