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100 KWp Floating Solar PV System

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Floating Solar PV System, i.e. installation of solar panels on water bodies, is emerging as an alternative for conventional ground mounted PV installations, which are land intensive. Presently the technology of floating platform is limited to very few manufacturers and too expensive compared to conventional PV systems. In order to indigenously develop a cost effective floater platform, a collaborative project has been taken up by NETRA with Central Institute for Plastic Engineering and Technology (CIPET), Chennai. 

In Phase I of the project, basic design, prototype development was done along with installation of 5 kWp pilot floating system, at NTPC Kayamkulan reservoir. The design and manufacturing process of the floaters were further revised to produce floaters for installation of the 100 kWp system as a second pilot system at the same location. 

The brochure contains sailent features, system description and details of the solar PV system and floating platform.