10 years of technology solutions & innovation for climate action


On April 19, 2024, UNEP CTCN is celebrating its 10-year anniversary at UN City in Copenhagen.

During an evening event, CTCN will look back on its achievements to date in catalyzing resources and developing technology for climate action, in the presence of distinguished delegates including representatives of the diplomatic corps, the Danish government, the current and upcoming COP Presidency representatives, and esteemed other guests.


Over the past decade, the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) has worked with developing countries to devise technology solutions for climate action.  

From pioneering new financing mechanisms to leveraging cutting-edge technologies, from forging strategic partnerships, to driving systemic change, this report encapsulates the spirit of collaboration and innovation that defines the CTCN community, highlighting the remarkable progress achieved.

This report paints a realistic portrayal of how changing the systems that change the climate works. The triggers, the accelerating actions, the obstacles, the pace, the breadth of action, it looks at all the compounding elements strengthening national systems of innovation and adopting climate technology.  

Most importantly, this report takes readers through a journey of system transformation. From how CTCN strengthened national systems through technology roadmaps and policy changes in Africa, or designed a new sustainable business model for the herders’ community in Mongolia, to how Sudan and Eswatini use drone technology to map the soil and devise adaptation strategies. It shows the results of new forms of partnerships and how CTCN is engaging with Business & Industry to design new roadmaps in the cement sector, and its early success in Congo, and how the circular economy is setting new climate ambitions in Costa Rica. It delves into the ecosystem changes needed to bring e-mobility in the Asia Pacific region and attract the investments needed to bring the first e-buses in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

The report will be launched on April 19 and will be available on this page.

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