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Waste management system in Ogre municipality


Development of a more effective waste management system, improvment of waste sorting, recycling and environmental quality in region of Riga (Latvia) Municipalities in Latvia are not directly involved in the development of technologies or the infrastructure for waste management, but municipalities are, according to regulations, obligated to coordinate and organise the waste management system and its development in their administrative territory. Therefore the main focus of the project is put on managerial/administrative activities and the attraction of investment for WM infrastructure from public and private partnerships (PPP) and EU funding.

The aim is to develop a more effective waste management system, improving waste sorting, recycling and environmental quality in region of Riga (Latvia): Ogre, Ikskile, Lielvarde, Kegums, Baldone. The planned activities are the basis for implementing regional and local waste management plans. The main activities are the development of environmental and economic estimations, and secondly, the development of a concession procedure to transfer rights of waste management organisations in municipality territories. The project focusses on the database model of waste generators (households, enterprises). The registry of the municipal waste generators (households, private sector and other institutions) is the basis for organising waste collection, and therefore improving the waste management system in the region. One part of the project is the development of a communication plan and a public campaign to inform people about selective waste collection. It is necessary to prepare and carry out communication and public awareness campaigns to promote waste collection and sorting among residents of the municipality.

Expected outcome:

Improvement of waste management system:
Concession agreement with waste management organisations for waste management rights and investments in the waste management system in five municipalities;
Development of infrastructure for waste sorting and recycling in municipality territories;
Reduction of waste dumping;
Raised awareness amongst the residents of Ogre municipality.

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