Unique Swedish Solution Improves Water Purification


A new water purification system uses floating walls, or baffles, to improve purification. The solution has been developed by a Swedish company and can be used in all kinds of dams, for surface or storm water, leachate, industrial water and sewerage water. A high level of purification in dams and basins requires the water to travel sufficient distance so the particles have time to form sediment on the bottom before the outlet. In many purification facilities, the water flow is too fast and the dam too small, or it allows the water to take the shortest route to the outlet, resulting in inadequate sedimentation.

<h2>How it works</h2>
The unique, patented solution involving floating walls, or baffles, slows the water down and ensures it stays longer in the dam or basin, providing enough time for particles to sink to the bottom and improving sedimentation and purification. Umeå-based Dåva DAC is one of the facilities using these floating baffles for its water purification, directing the water through a natural purification process.

<h2>Other benefits</h2>
Surface or storm water purification with floating baffles does not require any land and it can be adapted for construction alongside marinas, bridges, gangways and in existing quay areas. The solution is based on extensive trials and tests of the floating walls, and has several other benefits:
• It’s easy to install, in both dry water-filled dams.
• It’s designed not to damage waterproofing membranes.
• It significantly increases retention time at a low cost.

<h2>Several facilities using the solution</h2>
The Swedish company behind the solution is Järven Ecotech. It designs and installs entire treatment plants for purifying and collecting surface and storm water, leachate, industrial water and sewerage water. The company’s solution can replace conventional surface and storm water purification solutions, such as excavated surface water basins, sedimentation tanks and filtering solutions.

Järven Ecotech also provides aerators, which can oxygenate dams and other masses of water, as well as detailed design and planning services for surface and storm water, leachate and lake restoration projects. The company is located in Örnsköldsvik and has installed its solution in several facilities in the Örnsköldsvik region, where visitors are welcome to come and see how it works.

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