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From table to soil - a holistic approach on waste management


The municipality owned waste plant has a holistic view on waste. They work with developing all stages within waste management. From table to soil, as they express it. From smart curbside collection to pumping out biofertilizer to the farmfields. NSR takes care of the waste from 330 000 inhabitants in Helsingborg, Höganäs, Bjuv, Åstorp, Ängelholm och Båstad. During the 33 years the waste plant has existed it has gone from being just a landfill to a municipality owned company focusing on lifestyle-change and waste prevention, with a sustainable and recycle-based society as a goal.

At an early stage NSR introduced a curbeside collection of waste. Today many family households in the region sort out at least eight fractions in dust-bins in their own garden. The number of apartment buildings who also offers source separation is increasing.

The waste is transported to NSRs plant in Helsingborg, which is a logistic hub. The materials are transported to paper mills, smelters and other industries in Sweden and overseas for recycling. Less than 2 percent of the waste goes to landfill.

An industrial park, Vera Park, has developed on the NSR-plant, with business in the recycling field. The biogas-plant is one of the businesses in Vera Park. Food waste becomes fuel used by the city-buses in Helsingborg and biofertilizer is pumped in pipelines to a number of farmfields.

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